How to launch a mobile recruitment strategy

mobile recruitment strategy

It’s not hidden that mobiles are more handy and convenient to use than desktops. Hence, it has called for usage by more and more people. Hence, anything you want to do will naturally be more convenient on mobile, right? Same goes with recruitment. With a much more wide audience, a mobile recruitment approach can lead to greater results.

According to studies, 90% job-seekers use their phones to search and apply for new jobs. Hence, it is obvious that conducting a mobile recruiting process is only going to help the organizations.

Why do you need a mobile recruitment strategy?

Let’s get a more in-depth view of why you need mobile-first strategies before actually understanding how to launch it:

Makes the entire process quicker

Recruitment process through mobile increases the speed of the entire phase through its simple user interface. Candidates can instantly fill up forms and upload required documents without the hassle of transferring them to your desktop.

Inviting more candidates

Apart from the fact that more people use mobiles, it is understandable that a simple user interface will call for more applications. When the process of applying for a job is easier on a career page website, more and more candidates will prefer working in your organization.

More ease of usage through apps

Even better if you have a mobile recruitment app where you can conduct your job openings. You can easily notify candidates about their status or progress of application on their mobiles. It calls for better engagement and easy communication practices enhancing the overall candidate experience. This helps in building a good employer brand.

How to launch a mobile recruitment strategy?

Let’s get to the point. What are the steps you need to take to create a mobile recruitment strategy?

Do your background research and competitor analysis

We know you’re confused. What competitor analysis? The job market is tight, filled with rushing candidates finding jobs and companies targeting the best ones for themselves.

Sustaining in this market and finding good candidates for yourself is not an easy task.

Hence, it is necessary to do a competitive analysis to figure out where lies your strength in attracting more candidates towards the organization.

Conduct other initial research around what are the channels you would be targeting, the process you want to follow, how will you provide a seamless experience to your candidates.

Build a hiring strategy

Through your hiring processes and competitor analysis, you are now prepared for your next step, that is, building your mobile recruitment hiring strategy. One more thing to clarify before creating a strategy is to understand your goals behind all the efforts.

From the channels to use, relevant openings, assessments, to candidate reach outs- you have to set up all the processes and build a hiring strategy. It is better to also test the efficiency of the strategy you came up with.

And start off!

Get an applicant tracking system

In order to automate the entire process of tracking candidate progress, simply free online applicant tracking system. This reduces the hassle of checking each and every candidate’s updates and will provide you with everything in one place.

mobile recruiting

Candidate experience guaranteed!

Ensure that the processes you’ve come up with provide a seamless job application experience to your candidates. They can be your ambassadors. 

Key factors to keep in mind while hiring:

  • Be polite and understanding- show empathy
  • Don’t ghost them if they are rejected- state a proper reason why they weren’t chosen
  • Be timely and professional
  • Keep them updated- regular follow ups can destroy the candidate experience

Monitor your results

Use the correct metrics to understand why your strategy worked or failed. Use that data to create necessary improvements and ensure an enhanced, data-driven mobile recruiting experience for the following hiring processes.


What is mobile friendly recruitment?

A mobile friendly recruitment process ensures that you can conduct a hiring process through a mobile website/app. Your candidates can apply easily and get notified about all new updates.

It refers to the usage of careers and job openings pages through mobile.

What might be some advantages of using mobile recruiting?

As mentioned above, a few advantages of mobile recruitment includes:

  • An enhanced candidate experience
  • Ease of application
  • Targeting of a wider section of candidates
  • Being able to notify about every next step directly to the candidate without the need to mail them.
mobile recruitment

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