Applicant Tracking System

Quicker hiring means two things:  One, you save time. Two, you hire

Quick hiring with free ATS tool
Improve recruitment process with customisable board view

Customisable Board View

Inspect and visualize your recruitment processes better with customized board views for each stage and job opening.


Seamless interview scheduling &
automated reminders

With Google Calendar integration, set meeting slots and reminders for upcoming interviews and feedback hassle-free.

Seamless interview scheduling & automated reminders
Boost your employer brand from the beginning of the recruitment process.

Step up your employer branding

Design your very own career page and develop an identity from the very beginning of the recruitment process.


Automated assessments & resume parser

Set SpringRecruit to automatically send tests to candidates at different stages of the hiring process and fetch introductory details like name, email, and phone number from candidate resumes.

Hire faster by automating assessments & resume parsing
Seamless collaboration & faster hiring

Effective collaboration

Seamless collaboration between hiring managers and recruiters. Ensure integration with Google Calendars, reduce lengthy back and forth scheduling required, and get candidate feedback.


Recruit Top Talent Faster

SpringRecruit makes it easier to attract interested candidates, evaluate the
performance, pick the right talent and improve your recruitment process.

Job Creation

Create openings quickly for roles that are vacant.

Interview Scheduling

Set up interviews and meeting with the shortlisted candidates at various stages.

Automated Assessments

Selecting the right talent by automating assessments across various stages of the hiring process.

Hiring & Feedback

Select the talent that fits best for your team’s requirements and take instant feedback from Interviewers to improve candidate

Attract the right talent and improve your recruitment process.
Use WhatsApp bot to ease the recruitment process & to connect with our support team

Go Mobile

Use the WhatsApp bot to connect with our support team, check your next 5 tasks and quick-add candidates by simply uploading PDF and Word files right inside WhatsApp.

Schedule interviews, send emails, take feedback and manage candidates and openings on-the-go with the mobile app.


SpringRecruit in Numbers


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What Clients Say

’ve worked with different ATSs and I’ve found SpringRecruit to be the simplest and easiest to use by far.

Sandeep Kodavati

HR Lead at ThoughtGreen Technologies

It’s free forever. It’s got a simple UI - you know exactly where what is. GCalendar integration ensures you never lose track of interviews. A recommendable ATS for a startup.

Priyanka Lekhi

Vice President of People and Culture at Open Financial Services

Found SpringRecruit very user friendly and it actually helped in saving my time for its easy accessibility.

Rahul Tripathi

Practice Head at PHilter HR Solution

Time is currency and SpringRecruit helps save time.

Edul Patel

Co-Founder of Mudrex

SpringRecruit is a feature-rich ATS that simplifies the hiring process for the recruiter, interview panel, and HR department. It facilitates collaborative hiring where interview panel can quickly and easily share notes and rating on every candidate, leading to collaborative decision-making. SpringRecruit has undoubtedly contributed to the digital era of recruitment.

Nitasha Nandrajog

Head Of Human Resources (Vice President) at

Why is SpringRecruit Free-Forever?

Most Applicant Tracking Systems are expensive and unaffordable for small businesses and startups. So they end up using a combination of Excel/Google Sheets and emails, which is not even close to an ATS in terms of efficiency.

With the no-code movement gaining ground, 2-3 years down the line teams will use some combination of these no-code tools to build their own ATSs. Even mid-size, growth stage companies may choose not to pay for an ATS.

Acting on this thesis, we have gone ahead and built SpringRecruit today. It's built with code which means it's 10x better than something built with no-code, but still free for teams to solve their need of a streamlined ATS

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